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about me

Height: 5'11"   |   Weight: 175   |   Chest: 40R   |   Waist: 31   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair: Black/Curly


Television Stunt Coordinator

The Wayans Bros. - 4 Seasons

Working - 2 Seasons

The Army Shw

That 70's Show

Odd Man Out

Nikki - 2 Seasons

That's My Bush

Campus Bookie (promo)

One On One - 5 Seasons

The Sweet Spot

Final Justice with Erin Brockovich

Rock Me Baby


Cuts - 2 Seasons

George Lopez Show - 2 Seasons

Nurses who Kill

The David Feherty Show

Shake It Up - 1 Episode


Austin & Ally 4 Seasons

Nickelodeon Holiday Special

It's On

Nickelodeon's Not So Valentine's Special

Nickelodeon's Summer Special


Cousins For Life Pilot & Series) 


Craig Wyrick-Solari / Ernest Johnson

Jim Eddy / Mara Lopez

Robbie Countryman

Franco Barlo

Craig Wyrick-Solari

Frank Pace

Craig Wyrick-Solari

Billy Frank

Craig Wyrick-Solari

Joel Murray

Kathy Williamson

Matt Conner

Werner Wallan

John Vohlera

Frank Pace / Brenda Bos

Katy Garretson / Cane't Johnson

Geoff Nelson / Billy Frank

Frank Pace

Kim Laird

Craig Wyrick-Solari

Craig Wyrick-Solari

Patty Gary-Cox

Craig Wyrick-Solari

Craig Wyrick-Solari

Nikki Roberts

Craig Wyrick-Solari

Television Stunt Actor

Tour of Duty (multiple episodes)

Grand Slam

Double Rush

High Incident

Star Trek: Voyager (multiple episodes)


Star Trek: DS9 (Lead Double & multiple episodes)

Fire In The Sky

The Pretender

The Agency

Skin Walkers


24 (multiple episodes)


Jag (multiple episodes)

Threat Matrix

NCIS (multiple episodes)

Without a Trace (multiple episodes)

The DeMarco Affairs

General Hospital


The Unit

Head Cases

Jimmie Kimmel Live (multiple episodes)

Wedding Bells




Megaphyton vs Gatoroid

NCIS: LA (multiple episodes)



The Last Ship (multiple episodes)

Criminal Minds

The Brink

Shameless (multiple episodes)

State of Affairs

Blunt Talk (multiple episodes)

Agent X

Rush Hour

Code Black

Night Shift

You're the Worst (multiple episodes)

New Girl

The Last Tycoon

The Long Road Home


Seal Team (Multiple Episodes)



No Activity

The Rookie


Phil Adams

Ed Ulrich

Pat Romano

Tim Davison

Dennis Madalone

Kurt Lott

Dennis Madalone

Chuck Waters

Hubie Kerns

Monty Simmons

Lou Simon

Eddie Watkins

Eddie Donno / Matt Taylor /Jeff Cadiente

Jeff Habberstad

Diamond Farnsworth

Wally Crowder

Diamond Farnsworth

Dennis Madalone / Don Ruffin

Ben Scott

Tim Davison

Eric Norris

Norman Howell

Tim Davison

Alex Daniels

Tony Jefferson

Tim Davison

Dennis Madalone

Merritt Yohnka

Steve Hart

Troy Brown

Jon Epstein

Don Ruffin

Stave Davison / K. Woulard / G. Warren / L. Oeding

Tom Elliott

Wally Crowder

Eddie Perez

Ben Brae

Jill Brown

Mike Massa

Jeff Wolfe

Mike Gaines

Al Goto

Jimmy Waitman

Jimmy Sharp / Merritt Yohnka

David Rowden

Mike Massa

Dorenda Moore

Peewee Piemonte

Ben Scott

Jess Harbeck

Ingrid Kleinig

David Rowden

Feature - Stunt Coordinator

Just Plain Fate

Sent From Above

Dirty Love


Producer / Director

Matt Chaffee

Peter Abraham

John Asher / Jenny McCarthy

Travis Zariwny

Feature - Stunt Actor

Nothing But Trouble

The Naked Gun 2 1/2

Naked Gun 33 1/3

Back To Back

Double Take


Date Movie



What Just Happened


Crazy Girls Undercover

Blood Shot

Superhero Movie

Transformers 2


Transformers 3

Three Muskateers

Pain and Gain

April Rain


American Sniper

Straight Outta Compton


The Secret in Their Eyes

Whisky Tango Foxtrot


Sniper: Special Ops

The House

Paying Mr. McGetty


Commercials Available Upon Request

Producer / Director

Phil Adams

Phil Adams

Phil Adams

Chuck Borden

Joel Kramer

Chuck Borden

Phil Adams

Kenny Bates / Frank Torres

Buddy Joe Hooker

Peewee Piemonte

Tom Harper / Keith Woulard

Mark Riccardi

Cole McKay

Charlie Croughwell

K. Bates / B. Brown / T. Robinson

Matt Anderson

Kenny Bates Troy Robinson / Kurt Bryant

Steve Hart

Troy Robinson

Lou Simon

Sean Speedy Christopher

Jeff Habberstad

Lin Oeding

David Rowden

David Rowden

David Rowden

Ronnie Altoff

Sean Christopher / Matt Anederson

Todd Bryant

John Kreng

Mike Gunther


Actor Resume Available Upon Request

Rigger, Baseball Competitive Fast Pitch Softball, Ratchets, Fight Scenes (including swords), Firearms, Fire, Wide Receiver, Punt & Kickoff Returner, Sprinter, Motorcyclist, 40' and under falls, All Driving Abilities, Snowmobile, Squibbs, Air Ram, Water Safety Instructor (swimming), Wave Runner, Mini Tramp, Basketball, Ice Skating, Rolerblading, Cliber, Horseback Riding, Tae Kwon Do, Skiing (snow & water), Bicycling, Tennis, Volleyball, Advanced Emergency Medical Technician and Volunteer Fireman (i have driven several fire trucks)

AWARDS: SAG Awards -

                Recipient "24" Best Stunt Ensemble Television

                Nominated for "24", Ironman, Transformers 2, Transformers 3

Download Full Resume
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